Design Recipes: 5 ways to create balance, symmetry in your space

Ever wonder why some spaces feel off, while others have a sense of harmony? One key reason may relate to principles of balance and symmetry within the space. Symmetry allows for a harmonious feel through the use of identical elements, while balance can be created through dissimilar elements that blend well together.

Looking for ways to create a sense of balance and symmetry? Here are some top tips.

1. Use elements that are oversized or large in scale to help ground a room.

2. Select a focal point in a room to use as an opportunity to create a sense of balance and symmetry.

3. Use identical selections such as artwork and case goods to help create harmony.

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4. Create a sense of balance through elements that may be of different height and weight but blend well together.

5. Beyond use of balance and symmetry in larger spaces, use balance and symmetry in small ways such as through the use of vignettes.

This story was originally published November 29, 2021 2:30 AM.

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